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March 7, 2006: The Contortionist's Handbook
Comments: 2 | Categories: Reviews
I haven't gotten shit done today and it's all Sam Sugar's fault. There are three sets of interview questions in my email awaiting reply, 12 drawings due for an architecture firm in NYC that I haven't even started, copy to...

March 4, 2006: Is That A Phone In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Glad To Read Me?
Comments: 0 | Categories: Reviews
As mentioned a few days ago, I've added a new RSS feed for subscribers who want to read the blog on mobile phones. The feed is text only for now, but should work well with most phones. I've been doing...

March 3, 2006: Kinky Sex Radio, A Smart Podcast
Comments: 0 | Categories: Reviews
You may have noticed a new addition to the Link Love column, Kinky Sex Radio. This is an extremely smart and entertaining podcast based in Chicago that I discovered recently on Myspace (Note: the link takes you to their real...

February 24, 2006: This video slays me
Comments: 0 | Categories: Reviews
Go watch it. If it doesn't make you laugh, there's something wrong.

February 23, 2006: Classics of Erotic Literature for a Buck from Olympia Press
Comments: 0 | Categories: Reviews
The Rosy Crucifixion Presented in Leather The Velvet Underground If you read erotica, or write it, you're probably familiar with Olympia Press. If not, here's your chance to curl up with some of the classics of erotic literature and fiction...

February 22, 2006: Conversation With Hugh MacLeod
Comments: 0 | Categories: Art + Design , Buzz , Reviews
I just got off the phone (well, Skype) with Hugh MacLeod. This morning he posted his Skype handle to his blog and is taking calls. I had only just added his handle to my contact list when the laptop rang...

February 17, 2006: Devil Girls Were Hot at This Year's Dirty Show
Comments: 1 | Categories: Art + Design , Events , Reviews
Below are a couple pictures of Sin, by John Aretakis. This piece just rules! Standing about 8 feet tall, I think the price was $9000 (but I'm relying on memory, and that's been known to fail me in the past)....

January 25, 2006: New Blogs for Your Reading Pleasure
Comments: 2 | Categories: Reviews
I've discovered a few new blogs lately that quickly made it into my "Who I'm Reading" list. I could just let them sit there for you to discover, but I figured I'd give them an official welcome instead. Heck, I'll...


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