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November 17, 2006: Shipping Out the Last Paddle…
Comments: 1 | Categories: Adult Biz + Marketing , Floggers , Info , Paddles , Sales & Promotions
I removed the PayPal buttons from the catalog a while back, as I've been focused on other ventures and haven't been able to give the paddles their full due. Naturally, the minute I took them down, the inquiries started pouring...

February 27, 2006: BadAss Kink Flash
Comments: 0 | Categories: Buzz , Info
I've been meaning to do this for a while… If you'd like to have a banner or sidebar button to pimp the paddles, here they are. If you need a specific size, let me know and I'll see what I...

February 22, 2006: What People Are Saying About BadAss Paddles
Comments: 0 | Categories: Buzz , Info
Over the last few months, a lot of people have said things about the paddles that make me almost blush (with pleasure). Red cheeks are kinda the theme here, though, so I don't mind a bit. It seems like a...

February 6, 2006: BadAss Paddles: the First Four Months
Comments: 0 | Categories: Buzz , Info , Manufacturing
Burning Rubber and the BadAss Paddle line launched just about four months ago. It's been a fun and exciting time seeing the company grow and an audience develop for the blog. In some ways, this has been my most successful...

January 26, 2006: Finally, A Shipping + Returns Policy!
Comments: 0 | Categories: Info
Update: I'll be changing the shipping costs in the catalog pages as soon as I get some quotes from UPS and figure out my costs. In the meantime, US shipping is free on most items during the Valentines Day Sale...

January 23, 2006: Why Retread Rubber Works Better
Comments: 0 | Categories: Art + Design , Info , Manufacturing
People get confused sometimes by the recycled aspect of the paddles and assume that I'm cutting up old tires to make them. Well, actually that was what I originally intended to do, but I found that it didn't work very...

January 20, 2006: Little Changes Here & There
Comments: 0 | Categories: Art + Design , Info
I've beenfeeling like the image I was using in the left column wasn't the clearest indication of where to buy the paddles, so I've made a new one. I'm now using the image of Elena as a link to her...

January 13, 2006: Pink Is Less Frightening…
Comments: 2 | Categories: Art + Design , Buzz , Info
Probably my all-time favorite moment as an artist was when a hoodoo shop displaying some of my art requested that I remove one of the pieces because it was freaking out their clients. I figured, if it's too scary for...

January 10, 2006: Great New Idea: Laser Engraved Personalized Paddles
Comments: 4 | Categories: Art + Design , Info
Yesterday, I got my second order for a personalised paddle, but there was a bit of a snag… it's for an upcoming photoshoot and the schedule doesn't allow enough enough time for me to have a custom street sign made....

November 28, 2005: Today's Spanking Pic: Mmmm, Yummy Rubber
Comments: 0 | Categories: Elena , Floggers , Info , Paddles , Spanksmodels
I inhaled the paddle's sharp, sulfurous aroma and decided to share it with her by rubbing it caressingly across her face and holding it under her nose. I even had her kiss and lick it (giving a lovely grimace at...


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