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March 3, 2006: Our Esteemed and Sexy Jury…
Comments: 0 | Categories: Events , Sales & Promotions
Here's a quick overview of the sex bloggers who will be judging the BadAss Paddle Giveaway Contest this month. If you want to gain an unfair advantage, exert unseemly influence, or just figure out what the odds are, go read...

February 26, 2006: Naked Sushi, Wicked Spanking
Comments: 0 | Categories: Events
Another image from the dirty show. The woman shown here with the flogger was part an outfit that was serving sushi at the show. Their hook? The sushi was laid out all nice and pretty on a gorgeous nude girl....

February 25, 2006: Dirty Show Cowgirls
Comments: 2 | Categories: Events
Photo by A. Owen Layne This one has nothing to do with spanking, but it is fun. If you skipped the Dirty Show this year, maybe it'll convince you to do better next February.

February 24, 2006: 80 or 90 Naked Women, All in a Row…
Comments: 0 | Categories: Events
Years ago (1987, if you really want to know) I was crashed on a couch in Boulder, CO in the middle of an 18,000 mile road trip. When I woke up, my host claimed I had been talking in my...

February 21, 2006: Well, of Course it Burns a Bit
Comments: 0 | Categories: Events , Fetish , Spanksmodels
Here's some more pictures of people trying out the paddles and floggers at the Dirty Show. Pyros, the one holding the paddle, had a great presence of command. He was able to make the paddle work for him through sound,...

February 21, 2006: We Have A Winner!
Comments: 0 | Categories: Events
Ffej is getting a free paddle, and it's about freakin' time. (And no, he didn't insist on anonymity in this photo, it just amuses me to use a picture in which he can't be identified because I have one). Ages...

February 18, 2006: Free Spankings at the Dirty Show
Comments: 0 | Categories: Events
BadAss paddles and floggers were a big hit at the Dirty Show! Although most of the art there was labeled very clearly "Do Not Touch" I encouraged everyone to take a more hands on approach to my work and not...

February 17, 2006: Devil Girls Were Hot at This Year's Dirty Show
Comments: 1 | Categories: Art + Design , Events , Reviews
Below are a couple pictures of Sin, by John Aretakis. This piece just rules! Standing about 8 feet tall, I think the price was $9000 (but I'm relying on memory, and that's been known to fail me in the past)....

February 9, 2006: Off to the Dirty Show
Comments: 2 | Categories: Events
I'm just trying to pull everything together tonight so I can get on the road for the Dirty Show. I should have left hours ago… but that's always the way this kind of thing goes, I guess. I have no...

December 23, 2005: The Dirty Show: Art, and booze, and insanely hot naked tiger women, oh my!
Comments: 0 | Categories: Events
I just got my acceptance email for this year's Dirty Show a few days ago. As the photo above makes abundantly clear, last year's Dirty Show in Detroit was the most fun I've ever had at an art show… naked...


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