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March 31, 2006: I Bet You Didn't Know the Ancient Greeks Had Strap-ons…
Comments: 2 | Categories: Art + Design
Click thumbnail to view detail images Erastes & Eromenos Marble Mosaic, 2005 medium Marble mosaic on Durock substrate. Steel frame. size Mosaic is 60" x 36," frame dimensions, 62" x 38" x 2" availability Unique piece, available. Or commission a...

February 22, 2006: Conversation With Hugh MacLeod
Comments: 0 | Categories: Art + Design , Buzz , Reviews
I just got off the phone (well, Skype) with Hugh MacLeod. This morning he posted his Skype handle to his blog and is taking calls. I had only just added his handle to my contact list when the laptop rang...

February 17, 2006: Devil Girls Were Hot at This Year's Dirty Show
Comments: 1 | Categories: Art + Design , Events , Reviews
Below are a couple pictures of Sin, by John Aretakis. This piece just rules! Standing about 8 feet tall, I think the price was $9000 (but I'm relying on memory, and that's been known to fail me in the past)....

February 4, 2006: Vixen Devil Girl Table: Ready for the Dirty Show!
Comments: 5 | Categories: Art + Design
Vixen Devil Girl Mosaic Sushi Table medium Porcelain and glass mosaic, copper frame, steel legs. size 57" x 23.5" x 17" high availability Unique piece, available. price $2400 Inquire for pricing on custom mosaic designs. S&H $250 FedEx Freight. For...

February 2, 2006: Superior Moisture
Comments: 0 | Categories: Art + Design
I was going to wait until the Vixen Mosaic was finished to add any more pictures, but I couldn't resist posting this one. What you're looking at is the last step before setting the tile: The mosaic has been taped...

January 31, 2006: Vixen Devilgirl: Getting the Lips Right is the Most Important Part of Good Head
Comments: 2 | Categories: Art + Design
Okay, some of you are going to look at the following grid of images and think that I'm aping Andy Warhol… actually, what I want to do is show the transition between the original photo, the "sketch" for the mosaic...

January 29, 2006: Vixen Devilgirl Mosaic, Day 5 + 6
Comments: 0 | Categories: Art + Design
I finished laying the tile last night for the devil girl mosaic that Vixen posed for. Now I just need to cut the plywood and cement board to the right shape, mortar the tile in place and grout it. The...

January 28, 2006: Vixen Devil Girl Mosaic, Day 4
Comments: 2 | Categories: Art + Design
Here's a couple pics of the progress I made last night on the devil girl coffee table mosaic. I got a fair amount done, and should be abl eto finish laying the tile down tonight, although I may not since...

January 27, 2006: Vixen revisited, the first look at the mosaic in progress
Comments: 0 | Categories: Art + Design
I had a lot of requests to see in-progress photos of the mosaic table Vixen posed for. Here's the first set. This is actually three days of work, but the first two days I really didn't get a lot of...

January 23, 2006: Why Retread Rubber Works Better
Comments: 0 | Categories: Art + Design , Info , Manufacturing
People get confused sometimes by the recycled aspect of the paddles and assume that I'm cutting up old tires to make them. Well, actually that was what I originally intended to do, but I found that it didn't work very...


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