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Shipping Out the Last Paddle…

I removed the PayPal buttons from the catalog a while back, as I've been focused on other ventures and haven't been able to give the paddles their full due. Naturally, the minute I took them down, the inquiries started pouring in. Wholesale, retail, people want paddles and floggers. I guess I should have gone with more of a mystique thing from the beginning?

I was planning to keep at least one paddle for a souvenir, but I just sold the last one for $100 to a collector. Sigh. I've still got the prototype, but it isn't nearly as pretty as the final models were. There may be a couple left in stock at JT's Stockroom (or not). If you were wavering about whether to get one, I'd head there stat!

I'm hoping to sell the biz to someone who can give it their full attention and devotion. Details to come in the next post. The ideal candidate would be someone in the scene, who wants to make cash at home and can continue the customer service and personality of the brand. I'd like to see the company continue… A lot of people were very happy with the product and made no bones about sharing how they felt. That made me happy too!

I had a lot of fun getting the ball rolling and met a lot of cool folks in the process… It was a nice ride. If you think you or someone you know would be interested in taking over, drop me a line from the contact page.


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