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Art I couldn't Say No To

I just bought some art online because, well, I had to. Looky what I got!

the drugs do work

How could I refuse a painting done on an old vinyl record that has a naked, weeping bull demon thing, a drug reference and a tire track? Hell, I had to get it. It's perfect for the BadAss Paddle office. In fact, it's way cooler than hanging some gold or platinum record would be if I'd gotten into the music biz instead of the paddle biz. And besides, I just sold a whole bunch of paddles this week, so I guess this is my reward.

David Irvine has plenty more where this came from for sale at his website, Gnarled Branch. You should go get one while they last… most of the others I wanted were already sold but there's still some good ones to be had. There's even at least one or two left that have tread marks!



Hey there!

Wow...thanks for the kind words!
Glad you like my work!

I'm going to now peruse your site--its certainly piqued my interest.

Thanks again for the purchase and
can't wait to send it off your way for you to enjoy!
You made my day!!!!!


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