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A Hot Review

There's a very nice review of the Monster Mechanic flogger over at the Spanking Writers Blog. It starts out quiet and then gets pretty hot and heavy towards the end:

I got paddled last night for no other reason than to try out a new implement Abel bought for us a few weeks ago.

It’s an enormous tyre paddle.

More specifically, it’s a large piece of tyre rubber (complete with tracks) on a pretty metal handle. It looks very industrial, something out of a steampunk novel, or perhaps a post-apocalyptic movie. In fact, if Judge Dredd dispatched judicial paddlings, this would be exactly the sort of implement that would be used to deliver them.

A guy who makes these things blogs over on Burning Rubber.

Anyway, we felt like playing last night, but I was too tired to come up with a role-play, so it was going to be a good old just-because paddling with a gigantic chunk of rubber.

My impressions of this beautiful implement? It hurts like nobody’s business. With the first stroke Abel must have intended to imprint tyre tracks on my butt, because he whacked so hard I couldn’t even scream for about three seconds.

Read the rest here.

I'm told they'll be posting "in the next few weeks about various implements in our collection, with photos," and will have more to say about the Monster Mechanic then.


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