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Dirty Spam, At Last!

I just got my first ever porn-related spam the other day! I'm kind of amazed that it took these fuckers so long to find me… I've been using the same email address for at least ten years now. Of course, it isn't very well targeted spam, but then, that's what makes it spam, right? (for the record, incest doesn't float my boat. Besides, even if it did, how the hell do I know the people in those pics are related? maybe I'm too literal, but if I wanted to fantasize, I figure I wouldn't need porn).

The viagra people managed to find my address a few months ago. And the stock tips, mortgage and lottery peple were way ahead of the game.

Then there's the freakin' Nigerian advance fee fraud spammers… those fuckers are absolutely the first to the trough, top of the game, hands down most amazing spam mongers. They started bombing me years ago.

Anyway, I guess the point is that of all the spam I get, almost all of it is stuff I would never want even if it were legit. Porn is the maybe the first thing I've ever been spammed about that I actually might want. I always kinda felt almost left out when friends used to complain about spam from porn outfits. But I'm sure as hell not going to click on an unsolicited email to get it. I opened just one to see if there was a sample image or not, and the whole thing was text. Screw that.

Isn't that what the Sugasm is for? Finding good erotic content from people who aren't trying to screw you?


Stiletto Girl

Fresh from my spam folder:

"We cure any desease!"

I know it must be true, since the writer is obviously highly intellectual.



The best two I had today were:

adorable Cuties doing goluptious blowjoob!


Claim this complimentary $500 baby

I love the word goluptious! Very nice neologism… I'll definitely have to start using that word. And people selling babies via spam (or at least sounding like it) cracked me up.


Have you heard of the book Life's Little Annoyances? It's about people getting back by being passive aggressive. One guy was pissed with getting spam so he created a fake email and started writing back the spammers. He led them on and on, just wasting their time. Often he would get them to sign a piece of paper saying they were legit and one time pretended to be Don Quixote. Very funny.

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