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Twilight + Thebes Podcast Discusses Paddles + Devil Girl Sushi Table

I meant to post about this ages ago, but the paddles and the Devil Girl Sushi Table I did earlier this year both had a moment in the spotlight at the Twilight + Thebes Show. Download episode twelve here to listen to the whole show, or if you'd like to hear just the bit about the paddles and mosaic, click the play button:

  Twilight + Thebes excerpt

Twilight + Thebes Show is an entertaining look at sex and politics (not necessarily at the same time, but you never know when a scandal might break.) They describe the show as follows:

Hear us chat and joke about perverse sexual acts, and our nation’s even more perverse political reality. You’ll find our show hysterically funny whether we’re talking about Adult Babies or Atomic Bombs. Subscribe now and fall through the rabbit hole into our world. This show is inteded for Mature Audiences only. Not recommended for the easily offendable. Side effects may include laughter, tears, and spitting coffee onto your iPod. If you are a Republican or a Fundamentalist please consult your doctor prior to beginning this mind exercise program. Some restrictions apply, void where prohibitted by law.


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