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And the Winner is…

The soundbite contest was a real success! There were a lot of great entries, and in fact, most of the jury members mentioned that it was a real struggle to pick just three. As the selections came in, I was kind of worried that we would have to have a tie-breaker of some kind, but fortunately we had a clear winner:

DM takes the prize with three votes for his entry: Tread on me

Honorable mentions go to the following entries which each had two votes:

  • Miss: Keeping tracks on your loved ones
  • DM: Better red from tread
  • Carrie: Bad Ass Paddles: industrial strength pain
  • Gray Troutman: Rubber the right way

See how close it was? Next time I'll have to think of some way to award a smaller prize for runners up. Sorry it took so long to post the winner, but I wanted to wait until I heard from DM and see if I could run a photo of him with his prize. I'm still waiting (and beginning to think a spam filter might have deleted my email to him). DM! Get in touch!

Here's the breakdown on how the votes went:

Sam Sugar:
Tread on me
Keeping tracks on your loved ones
Better red from tread

Sabrina Morgan:
Tread on me
Bad Ass Paddles: industrial strength pain
Better red from tread

Rubber the right way
Keeping tracks on your loved ones
Driving your point home...every time

Bad Ass Paddles: industrial strength pain
Tread on me!
rubber the right way

Thanks to all for your great entries and suggestions, and a special shout out to all the Jury members for their herculean selection efforts. It really was a hard choice to make!

This was really fun, so I'll definitely try a new contest soon. I was going to close the comments on the submission page, but I've decided to leave them open for now… the contest may be over, but I'd still love to get more soundbites if any of you come up with further brilliant gems.





Heh. You earned it, DM, with two entries that made the finals. Besides, Sabrina also voted for your theme song on the side. She wrote me:

...and of course the official BadAss paddles theme song, but that doesn't count. ;)

So happy spankings! I'll send it out as soon as I hear back from you which one.


Congrats, DM! It was really tough narrowing it down... the submissions were great.

Thanks for letting us play along, BadAss!


Thanks Sabrina, it was a ton of fun to play along.



I *so* needed you guys… This way I can be really happy that one of my most frequent commenters won without looking like the gig was rigged! If I'd have been the sole judge, I would almost have had to pick a stranger, regardless of which I liked best.

Much better having some objectivity in the mix!

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