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What People Are Saying About BadAss Paddles

Over the last few months, a lot of people have said things about the paddles that make me almost blush (with pleasure). Red cheeks are kinda the theme here, though, so I don't mind a bit.

It seems like a good idea to collect sort of a "best of" my favorite quotes from reviews, readers and happy owners of BadAss Paddles. I'll add to this post over time with more juicy tidbits. I've added a link to the post in the sidebar, marked "Testimonials."

Leaves distinctive tread marks on skin, even with mild slap action. Your ass may not be sustainable, but the product design is. – Boing Boing

The idea is so ingenius it’s almost too perfect. Black. Rubber. Tread marks. Did I say black rubber? – The Invisible Company

Toy of the Month – Creative Filth

Evil? Perhaps. But deliciously fun. I think the Bad Ass takes the crown. It’s definately the biggest beast in my toy collection. – Radical Vixen

The Tire paddle is a miracle of libido-based engineering. I had my paddles delivered about a week ago, and every woman who's seen them here since has spent at least a minute playing with them and saying stuff like 'Christ.' They are deeply scary shit. – Sam Sugar

They are popular because they look like their name...badass. These things are very industrial and intimidating to gaze upon, and they leave behind tire tread marks on the bums that you smack with them. That may sound scary, but most of the BDSM folks that I know think it is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

While I'm going to recommend this place as a neat place to go get cool toys and see pretty pictures of spanked women, I'm also going to emphasize this one for the fine art lovers out there. This extremely literate and interesting person comes up with observations like, "Spanking Feels A Lot Like Action Painting...So is spanking an art? It's certainly a good way to lay down a little color." Lots of fun, and often very creativity provoking . – JanesGuide

It is an absolute pleasure doing business with you and I hope we can do much more in 2006! – JT's Stockroom


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