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We Have A Winner!

Meetmygeek Ffej is getting a free paddle, and it's about freakin' time. (And no, he didn't insist on anonymity in this photo, it just amuses me to use a picture in which he can't be identified because I have one).

Ages ago, pretty much around the time that I started this blog, I announced a contest. I didn't get many entries, so a month later I posted it again and got a few more entries, but still not quite as many as I had hoped. Then I kind of got distracted and didn't get back to it very quickly. That was bad of me.

Thing was, first I was trying to think of a way to get more involvement. Then I was trying to find a way to let readers vote on the winner, but all the free blog survey services looked like they were just ways for spam companies to harvest emails. For instance, I signed up with Bravenet (URL purposely not linked) to use their survey tool and after requesting removal from their mailing list SIX times, I'm still getting spam from them. My advice? Stay far away from Bravenet.

Eventually, I realized the only responsible thing to do is award a prize, move on, and try again. But the winning suggestion had come in an email rather than the comments, and I couldn't find the damn email to see who had made the suggestion. Believe me, I've been looking. And today, I finally found it, so we have a winner. Yay!

Ffej's winning idea was to have a contest to design your own sex toy. I really like that idea, but I'm not gonna run with it just yet. It's just my favorite of the suggestions that came in, and as such, the winner.

Instead, I've since had a few ideas for contests that I think will be easier to do, and so I'm going to go with one of those first. I'll announce the new contest soon (maybe even today) and this time I'll be a bit more professional about it. There'll be a deadline, a set of rules and maybe even a panel of judges. I think that will work better. In the mean time, one free paddle is on it's way to Ffej for his contest suggestion.


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