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Vixen Says: The BadAss Takes the Crown

Vixen models her tire paddle

I've been writing a lot about Vixen lately, or at least, about the mosaic she posed for. Here's another pic of Vix, proudly displaying her 22" Original Badass. I spent the better part of last night thinking about the best way to display the paddles at the Dirty Show next week, and I tell you what… I wish this was an option! Heh.

The occasion for the photo is a lovely review she just posted of her new paddle, a gift from one of her submissives. Not only did she say a lot of nice things about my work, but the review itself describes her first session with the paddle in sizzling erotic prose. As Sabrina comments at the end of the post:

That has to be the hottest testimonial I’ve ever read. Mew. That’s it - I’m getting one.

I can't wait to see what Sabrina has to say about hers. I love it when a woman mews.

Here's a few of my favorite bits of Vixen's post, but you should really read the full description of the session at her blog. It's hot and sexy and you might just spontaneously emit animal noises.

At the beginning of the session I unwrapped the Bad Ass for full dramatic effect. The submissive stared at it wide eyed. The weight of it in my hand made me cackle. It was perfect.

There is a wicked side to me, I’ll admit that fully. I pulled my arm back and brought the paddle crashing down full force. Full force on the bed, inches from his ass. It made a thudding noise, he shrieked, I laughed. Evil? Perhaps. But deliciously fun.

The Bad Ass reddened his ass, and thighs, quite nicely. He has tender skin and I could only tap him. He winced with every slap. I kept up with the smacks until I was reassured he had truly learned his lesson. When I stopped he positively glared at the paddle. (but not at me, he knows better) I was delighted. When asked if he liked the Bad Ass the now sullen submissive just shook his head and pouted. To which I replied “then you’ll be obeying my orders better then won’t you”.

Once home my husband and I tried it out on each other. Wow. What a paddle. So fun to spank with! Since it’s so stiff there’s no reverb-when it hits your ass it’s a full thump. And a heavy thump at that. It’s a nice solid smack, both giving and receiving. Just as well that it only takes a few full smacks to redden a bottom because it wears a arm out fast.

A friend of mine makes paddles and has a rubber one we call The Motherfucker. Named so because that’s the phrase most uttered by the person getting spanked by it. I think the Bad Ass takes the crown though. It’s definately the biggest beast in my toy collection.


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