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Vixen Devil Girl Table: Ready for the Dirty Show!

Vixen Devil Girl Mosaic Sushi Table
Vixen devil girl mosaic medium Porcelain and glass mosaic, copper frame, steel legs.
size 57" x 23.5" x 17" high
availability Unique piece, available.
price $2400 Inquire for pricing on custom mosaic designs.
S&H $250 FedEx Freight.
For other options, email
or call 231.584.2710.

Purchase item ($2650 including S+H).


The Vixen table is all done and ready to go to the show! My camera doesn't have quite as much resolution as I'd like, so I'll post a bunch of detail images that give a better sense of how the piece looks. I'd like to thank Vix for posing for this piece, and also for the killer review of my paddles that she posted yesterday. There's a very nice photo of her posing nude with the paddle: you should all go look at it and subscribe to her excellent blog.

Astute observers will notice that I made a couple last minute changes to the mosaic before setting the tile… I'll just hint that they were in the face and feet and see if you can spot them.

Technically, the table has to be for sale in order to exhibit it at the Dirty Show. I'm going to go ahead and make it available here in advance anyway, since I can always put it in the show as an item available for custom orders. I wouldn't really mind making another… there are two of the Devil Girl Windvane also.



Vixen devil girl mosaic sushi table



Vixen devil girl mosaic sushi table


Click on the thumbnails below to see detail images of the finished mosaic. I'm really happy with the way the copper edging looks with the red tile. I also really like the shoes and ankle tattoo.


devil girl mosaic    adult mosaic    sexy mosaic

devil girl    devilgirl mosaic shoes    devil girl tattoo


To see the rest of the posts of the table in progress, follow these links. The page you're on will show up in the list without a live link:

  1. The photo I worked from and a preliminary drawing
  2. The first three days' work on the mosaic
  3. Day four
  4. Day five and six
  5. Reworking the face and neck
  6. Superior Moisture
  7. Vixen Devil Girl Table: Ready for the Dirty Show!

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Sabrina Morgan

The finished mosaic looks great! I'm crazy about those sparkly shoes against the red- and the purple was an interesting choice for the anus.


Thanks Sabrina!

I love the shoes too… they're made from antique glass tile from the 1920's that was out of production for years. On my last trip to Chicago I finally found a new manufacturer who is making very similar tile. I was just starting to worry that I might have to start shoeing my devil girls in something less vibrant.

The tile for the anus is also kind of interesting… it varies between deep pink or purple depending on the light. It's insanely expensive because they use real gold to get the color.


This turned out absolutely fabulous. And you did it so fast! I agree with Sabrina, I am all for the sparkly shoes. The tattoo on the ankle adds just the right touch. It is completely awesome.


It turned out really well. I love the deep red and the sparkly shoes.

Wonder how many people will run their fingers over that luscious ass and puss?



Tess: It's true, I do work pretty fast… the key is not sleeping and living in an area where there's not much hope of an active social life. ;-)

Alwaysarousedgirl: I can tell you, she was well-fingered last night at the opening.

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