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Superior Moisture


I was going to wait until the Vixen Mosaic was finished to add any more pictures, but I couldn't resist posting this one. What you're looking at is the last step before setting the tile: The mosaic has been taped together using a specialty vinyl film which holds the pieces in place, and then cut into manageable sized pieces. Below the head and feet are the two pieces that make up the table. The dark grey shape is painted plywood, the light grey is the cement board which goes under the tile. The two get sandwiched together to make a strong base which won't warp.

What I loved was the partial text on the cement board which reads "superior Moisture." It just seemed kind of appropriate in this case, so I thought I'd snap a shot of it.

I'll be laminating the two boards today and running the copper band around the edges (you can see the roll of copper there on the table). Then tonight, I'll apply the mortar and hopefully grout tomorrow.

To see the rest of the posts of the table in progress, follow these links. The page you're on will show up in the list without a live link:

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  2. The first three days' work on the mosaic
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  5. Reworking the face and neck
  6. Superior Moisture
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