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Devil Girls Were Hot at This Year's Dirty Show

Below are a couple pictures of Sin, by John Aretakis. This piece just rules! Standing about 8 feet tall, I think the price was $9000 (but I'm relying on memory, and that's been known to fail me in the past). I don't seem to be able to find much online about the artist, but he might be the same guy that did several murals in Harlingen, Texas.


Sin_john_aretakis    Sin_john_aretakis_lit


There were a lot of devil girls in the art this year, but this one really blew me away. If only I had a huge loft space to put it in… well, and an extra 9 grand. I'll admit it, this one made me jealous.



John is the same artist who did the murals in Texas. He has a studio in Detorit where he creates those awesome Neon works.

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