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Can I Just Say How Much I Hate MySpace?

Of course, everyone keeps telling me to put up a page on MySpace… "It's easy," they say, "and it's free! It's like sliced bread on wheels spliced with China, you know, taking over the world."

Okay, fine. So I just wasted the last three hours coming up with this. I'm not too impressed and I don't expect you to be either, but there is now a page with the URL Hey, now I officially exist in the social networking scene. And as you can see, it made me cranky and anti-social. *sigh*

Christ. Maybe I'm too old? I don't understand how a platform with such limited design capabilities and massively intrusive advertising can appeal to so many people? I think I'll stick to hand-coding my blogs, thanks. But who knows? Maybe, somehow, it'll send a few people over here where I can actually show off my wares, etc. I certainly don't have the time and inclination to surf the site looking for total strangers to invite to be my friend. On the other hand, if any of you also have MySpace accounts, I'll trade you… I do feel silly looking at a page that says I have "0 friends." Ewwww, what a loser…

I guess I was finally inspired to try it (again) after Demetri Martin's recent Daily Show piece about MySpace, which made me laugh my ass off (see, I am too old. Should that read LMAO?). I've embedded a link to the skit on the other side of the "continue reading" link. It's worth the click if you haven't seen it. (NB: the embedded video seems to be having limited success playing. I can't tell if that's because google video's servers are tied up or what. But it does usually work after a short wait)



Dude, that's because MySpace totally sucks. Or maybe I should have said it is teh suxors. Or maybe it's just that we are both over the age of 16 and prefer to user words like are and you instead of R and U. Guess we'll just never make it as texters.



like, yeah, dude, so totally…

Shit, If I had to text to save my life I'd be dead. If I *had* to text to save my life, I might not care…

Glad to know though, that it ain't just me. Heh.



Good to hear from you in the commentsphere… have you been working on a big secret project lately? Your presence is missed…


I've been travelling and at a few conferences. That and I'm switching DSL providers so I've been stuck on dialup which has limited my web surfing.


ohhhhh. dial-up. Owch. I'm so sorry. I remember it like it was only a few months ago (it was) and god was that harsh. Like trying to eat a pizza through a straw.

I was just worried I might have bored you with all the posts about the mosaic. I think you must have gone on the road right about at the beginning of that period.

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