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80 or 90 Naked Women, All in a Row…


Years ago (1987, if you really want to know) I was crashed on a couch in Boulder, CO in the middle of an 18,000 mile road trip. When I woke up, my host claimed I had been talking in my sleep. According to him, I mumbled "Ah, maybe I should go back to Michigan… 80 or 90 naked women, all in a row."

I kinda think he made that up, but it was a great line (and not a bad vision) so I hung on to it. Of course, nothing even close to that description ever graced my eyes in Michigan. At least, not until I went to the Dirty Show.

I'd love to be able to say that the reason I was out of touch the whole week I was in Detroit was because I was too busy having sex with models, but actually I was just staying in a house that had very limited internet and no phone. Last year was different (wifi, phone, and yeah, sex) but I'm not a kiss and tell sex blogger. At least, not yet… Anyway, there's a few more things that happened this year at the show that I want to cover, but I guess there's no hurry at this point. I'll get to it.


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