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Vixen revisited, the first look at the mosaic in progress

Vixen_mosaic_05 I had a lot of requests to see in-progress photos of the mosaic table Vixen posed for. Here's the first set. This is actually three days of work, but the first two days I really didn't get a lot of time in, so I decided to wait until there was enough done that you could sort of see where the piece was going.

It's a funny thing about mosaic… I find that I second-guess myself a lot during the first couple days. When you first start laying down the tile, it's hard to see how it is going to pull together as an overall image, even when you're used to the process. About half-way through, you turn a corner where finally you can tell that the colors are working and the lines of the tile are making sense. Then you can relax and start to enjoy the work, knowing it's gonna be good.

I haven't yet done the lips, because I'm having trouble finding a color that looks right next to the red and still reads as sexy. I'll figure it out, I just need to get a bit more done on the overall image first. Also of not is the cool textured red mirror tile I used for her fingernails… I'm really happy with the way that came out. It doesn't read as well as I'd like in the photos, but hey, someday I'll get a better digital camera.


Vixen_mosaic_01    Vixen_mosaic_02    Vixen_mosaic_04



To see the rest of the posts of the table in progress, follow these links. The page you're on will show up in the list without a live link:

  1. The photo I worked from and a preliminary drawing
  2. The first three days' work on the mosaic
  3. Day four
  4. Day five and six
  5. Reworking the face and neck
  6. Superior Moisture
  7. Vixen Devil Girl Table: Ready for the Dirty Show!

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