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Vixen, In All Her Sultry, Devilish, Glory

Last week I posted a model request to help with a project I'm doing for the Dirty Show in Detroit. In countless hours of scouring the web, I couldn't find the pose I was looking for. So I wrote up a description of what I wanted and Voila! Two of my Sugasm compatriots wrote and volunteered to pose. Sadly, Ang wasn't able to get photos taken in time (which is totally understandable, given the week she's had) but Vixen sent in the following pic which is exactly what I needed. I'm hoping maybe Ang and I can collaborate on a project in the future, though, since I really am taken with the idea of making a pregant devil mosaic.


Vixen posing in the nude


So here's a preview of how Vixen will look when I'm done. The table I'm making won't include the background, it'll just be devil-shaped. I threw in some background color here so the horns would show up. I've had a few requests for photos of the work in progress, so I'll start posting those, um, well, as soon as there's some progress. Certain things will actually look much different in tile, but I think they'll actually be better. I'm better at mosaic than I am at photoshop these days. I used to be able to do some pretty nice digital renderings, but apparently it's one of those "use it or lose it" type skills. I can't really remember most of the tricks I used to know. I'll post a couple of the pieces I did back when I had chops, just so you can see the difference.

Now, everyone give a big hand to Vixen for stepping up and saving the day!


Vixen as a devil girl


To see the rest of the posts of the table in progress, follow these links. The page you're on will show up in the list without a live link:

  1. The photo I worked from and a preliminary drawing
  2. The first three days' work on the mosaic
  3. Day four
  4. Day five and six
  5. Reworking the face and neck
  6. Superior Moisture
  7. Vixen Devil Girl Table: Ready for the Dirty Show!

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I'm so excited to see the piece transform.

Now if only I could have a tail in real life...


Ah yes, I know what you mean. I've always wanted to date a girl with a tail… Tails are hot. Just think of the possibilities…

Myself, I used to want to grow horns, but I've decided it might impede some of my more day-to-day endeavors.

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