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Vixen Devilgirl Mosaic, Day 5 + 6

I finished laying the tile last night for the devil girl mosaic that Vixen posed for. Now I just need to cut the plywood and cement board to the right shape, mortar the tile in place and grout it. The table will have a copper band around the edges to protect them. The legs will be removable for shipping or to allow the piece to be used as a wall hanging piece.



Vixen Devilgirl Mosaic


The mosaic is too large for me to get a full photo until after I've finished it… I do the work on a high table in a room with low ceilings, so for now, we'll just have to go with a series of pics that show the overall work.



Devil girl Mosaic table


Here's a detail shot that shows the cool textured mirror tile I used for the shoes. Also note the tattoo, which is done in black tile with a metallicized iridescent glaze. It's really difficult to get good photos of both these tiles, but if you were looking at them in person, the mirror tile comes across sort of like rhinestones and the tile I used for the tattoo is sort of like the rainbow-hued colors you get from oil on water. I wanted to be sure that the tattoo stood out from the black glass I used for the shadows, and I'm pretty happy with the overall result.

I also finally finished the lips and face last night. I'm going to devote a separate post to that, because I ended up re-doing a fair amount of the work I'd already put in.

To see the rest of the posts of the table in progress, follow these links. The page you're on will show up in the list without a live link:

  1. The photo I worked from and a preliminary drawing
  2. The first three days' work on the mosaic
  3. Day four
  4. Day five and six
  5. Reworking the face and neck
  6. Superior Moisture
  7. Vixen Devil Girl Table: Ready for the Dirty Show!

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