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Vixen Devil Girl Mosaic, Day 4

Here's a couple pics of the progress I made last night on the devil girl coffee table mosaic. I got a fair amount done, and should be abl eto finish laying the tile down tonight, although I may not since I'm pretty beat. Just spent four hours building a crate for one of my Great Bowls O Fire so I can ship it to Pennsylvania. And part of the reason I got so much done last night was because mosaocs really bring out my obsessove-compulsive side… I keep thinking, "okay, go to bed, you have to be up early." Then I look up an hour later and it's an hour later, and I think the same thing and go back to laying down tile. It's an addictive craft, no getting around it.

Anyway, it's down to the feet and lips, so if I don't finish tonight, it will be done tomorrow sometime for sure. I won't be able to get really good pics until after it's set and grouted, which will be sometime early next week. But at least these give a kind of sense of how the project's going…

Click the pics to enlarge.


Vixen_mosaic_06    Vixen_mosaic_07


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This has been so fun to watch develop. What color grout are you going to use?


Glad you enjoy the show! It's not exactly standard fare for a sex blog, but then, who says sex blogs need standards? (yeah, weak joke).

I'm going to go with black grout to make the colors really pop. I used to use black for almost all my work, and then recently switched to white grout for almost everything. I guess the difference is in the effect you're going for… most of my recent work has tried to be very delicately shaded photoreal type stuff, where I used to do mostly bold graphic mosaics. This is the first one that kind of combines those two worlds, trying for a photo approach to the lips, labia and anus and going with a more cartoon or drawn look for the rest. I thikn it's gonna be a really cool combination!

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