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Valentine's Day is Almost Here

10 February is not an artist's favorite time of the year… No one's thinking about sculpture, fences, yard art or really anything that would cause them to pick up the phone or send me a check. It's pretty much like summer vacation is for teachers, with all the pleasant bits left out.

So, with work slowed to a dead crawl, I've been huddled by the heater trying to think of a way to turn that around. Because if there's anything you get good at when you make your living in the arts, it's learning to turn setbacks into opportunities. It's a kind of alchemical Tai Chi you can't get by without.

And then last night, as I wandered past the enormous candy displays in the grocery store, it hit me. A Valentines Day Sale is just the ticket for keeping the heat turned on. So that's what I'm going to do. I just need to get a few things done today before I can sit down and work up the PayPal buttons. I'll try to get the sale posted by midnight tonight, so check back then.

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