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New Blogs for Your Reading Pleasure

I've discovered a few new blogs lately that quickly made it into my "Who I'm Reading" list. I could just let them sit there for you to discover, but I figured I'd give them an official welcome instead. Heck, I'll even give you a little taste of each, just to save you some clicking.

Monk First up, Twisted Monk, who I discovered thanks to Ang at Sweltering Celt. Monk is amazing… he makes hemp bondage rope and writes about his work with a kind of passion that sucks you right in. His kink is not my kink, but the way he describes his work and life is so compelling that I'm sure I'll be reading him for a long time to come. If nothing else, I find his blog to be a real inspiration for what I'd like to do here— when I read something good from Monk, my keyboard fingers get itchy and my brain starts tossing around new ideas for ways I can be funnier, more honest, more engaging, etc. He makes me think and he makes me laugh, and those are easily two of the sexiest things anyone can do to me. Here's a sample from the first post I read, which is still one of my faves:

Today is one of those odd days that I never planned on.

Today I’m in California inspecting a rope shipment before taking possession of it. Funny, I feel a bit like the bad guy of the week on a Miami Vice re-run, all I need is a pastel suit and pinky ring.

a big limo pulls into a darkened warehouse. Cut to a low shot of the car door opening. A leg clad in a lime green suit and loafers (with no socks) steps our. Wide shot to shows several nervous looking men with automatic weapons milling about as Mr. Lime Green Suit walks to the center of the space to meet Generic Gangster Type #1 who is standing next to several large wooden crates with the words “Leg Warmers” painted on the side.
MrLGS: “So lemme see what you got.”
GGT#1 opens a large wooden crate to reveal spools of hemp rope packed in straw
MrLGS: “This stuff uncut?”
GGT#1 “Best crop out of Europe we can get”
MrLGS takes a pinky and scrapes a bit of hemp dust off a roll and sniffs it.

See, now that's fun! Read the full post here.


Sugarpit Next up, SugarPit: Queer Intelligence. SugarPit is a new venture from Sam Sugar, the first head of the hydra to surface from the boiling water of his forthcoming and much anticipated sex-blog network. Aimed at "gay, bisexual and other man-appreciators of all persuasions," SugarPit is hosted by zero kaneda (who eschews capitalization, at least in the spelling of his name). Zero (who gets unwanted caps when I start a sentence with him) reps gay porn studios, throws parties in SF, and promises not to tax our attention span too greatly. He's definitely got a knack for one-liners, so perhaps he won't need to go on at great length to keep us edified, entertained, and aroused. His opening post has this to say about where he want's to go with the whole thing:

The straight world is this looming, many-armed, segmented thing. At this point, having a straight-sex blog would be irrelevant (and indeed, impossible), since there’s no way that even a team of writers could cover its Lovecraftian enormousness. So what you do, is you have blogs devoted to niches- the fat MILF blog, for example. Gay, though- gay gets its own thing. Not just because I am such an incredible creature that I can condense the entirety of lavender culture to a few quick posts per day, but because most people don’t even realize that there even is an entirety of lavender culture.

SugarPit's pretty new (as in it was born the day before yesterday) so it's a little hard to say for sure what to expect… but my expectations are high and best way to see if they're justified is to subscribe to the RSS feed and give SugarPit a good read.


Sabrina_morgan And finally, Sabrina in Stockings - smartass switch in stockings. Sabrina is the official Sugasm police force, but she's also looking for "a good sex ninja apprenticeship program." Damn… she could be dangerous— a smart hottie with brains and lethal training. But actually, I've exchanged a few emails with Sabrina as a result of her policing duties and I can assure you she's a sweetheart. My favorite post so far on her fairly new blog begins this way:

Once I was browsing a cam site and I saw a beautiful young woman in a close-fitting gray sheath dress, sitting in her chat room, chatting with her potential customers. She had more covered than any other girl on the site, but she covered it so that I knew how her body curved, how her skin shone, the heft of her breasts and the gloss of her smooth thighs. She led my eye, with her outfit and pose, but she led it so that I had to imagine her naked body every time I looked at her and didn’t see it, and I just knew that the real thing would be so much better and more perfect than anything I could imagine.

She crossed her long legs just enough to make her skirt hike up just enough, without any wrinkling aside from the diagonal creases that led my eye down her hips, without showing me even a flash of panties. An inch and a half higher would have been heaven, but she knew exactly what she was doing.

She was driving me crazy.

Read the rest here. And keep reading, it's good for you!


zero kaneda

I appreciate the show of faith. Shakespeare said that you gotta have it. He also said, "Sex is natural/Sex is good/Not everybody does it/But everybody should."

And who are we to ignore the bard?



~zero kaneda



It was your comment earlier today on Sam's blog about how good he looked in stockings during your liquor store heist that sold me… It totally cracked me up. That, combined with a strong start on your own little piece of turf convinced me you were one to watch. I'm eagerly awaiting more…

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