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Looking For That Perfect Pose, Maybe You Can Help?

Devilgirlnew_01 Yesterday, I talked with the organizers of the Dirty Show and changed my submission for the exhibit. My plan had been to do nine small mosaics of vaginal close-ups… at life-size, I can do an almost photoreal mosaic of glistening labia. But as I started the project, I realized it would be nearly impossible to get the results I'm looking for at an enlarged scale. At larger scale, the bits of tile tend to make the image confusing and unclear. So it's back to the drawing board.

Before creating the tire paddle line and the Great Bowl O Fire, my most famous piece was probably the Devil Girl Windvane. I made two, and both sold immediately. It always seemed like a good idea to do more Devil Girl mosaics, but somehow I never got around to it. I think it's probably time. My plan is to do a coffee table in the shape and image of a reclining nude. I think it'll be way hot. The table legs will be removable, so the piece can also function as a wall mural.

What I need is a model. I've searched my archived pics as well as the web, and I'm not finding what I need. That's where you come in. I need a photo or a realistic drawing that I can use to base my drawing on. Below are two pics by Hajime Sorayama that are very close, but just not quite it. Click to enlarge.


As214    As223


The one on the right is closest to what I need. Because the finished piece will be a table top, it's important that the model's arms are tight to her body… otherwise, there'll be a risk of people tripping as they walk past. Here's a list that explains as best I can what I'm looking for.

  • Arms must be close to the body, legs held together
  • The labia and anus both must be clearly visible
  • Spike heels are good, but otherwise no clothing
  • A good seductive expression, eye's open, towards the viewer
  • I like the "L" shaped pose on the right. It reminds me of modernist kidney shape tables.
  • Body type, hair color, etc. are not a big issue. A more voluptuous figure will probably work a little better for a table top than a barbie figure, but what I'm really going to be picky about is the pose and the facial expression.
  • High contrast images will work best, since the finished mosaic will be heavily stylized like the mosaic shown above. Bold, defining shadows will make doing the drawing easier.
  • The background needs to be simple enough to drop out. If there are sheets or something obscuring part of the body, that's no good. Also, The entire body must be within the frame… I don't want to have to extrapolate missing hands or feet, etc.
  • To avoid any copyright issues, it would be best to work from either a photo shot for this purpose or an older one that has fallen into the public domain. I'll be changing the image enough that this probably isn't a big deal, but it's still best to avoid anything really obvious. So please don't send links to Gil Elvgren or Coop or Vargas, etc.

If you're willing to pose and shoot a photo of yourself that matches what I need, I would be happy to trade a paddle or flogger for the rights to use the pic. If you have the rights to an existing photo or drawing I can use, that's also worth a paddle or flogger. If I can't use the pic you send, the most I can offer in return is a link credit or something along those lines.

I think the best incentive to shoot something yourself is the knowledge that the mosaic will last at least hundreds of years, if not longer. It's not fleshly immortality, but it's about as close as you can get.

If you have, or can shoot an image that meets the above specs drop me an email at: submit+tirepaddle+com (replace the + signs with appropriate at and dot). In the mean time, I'll keep looking, but I'm hoping someone out there can help out.



Well, I'd do a shoot but I'm pregnant. That might make for a strange looking devil girl.

That, and I have no one to take the pictures... well, sort of no one.


Hey Ang,

Actually, a pregnant devil girl might be really cool… I like it for a few reasons: there's that whole "glowing," earthy-sexy, pregnant woman vibe; plus, a big swollen belly gives more surface area to the table; and I like the idea that everyone will be wondering just what a devil girl might give birth to. It might give the piece more depth.

If you can talk "sort of no one" into taking a few shots, I'd be really interested to see what you come up with. Maybe something with hands on belly, or maybe even a sort of fetal curled position would be good. I'm not dead set on the L pose if the other things I listed are there.


I'll see if I can find a 'sort of no one' to take some decent shots. I suppose only then we'll know what we can come up with. Maybe I can 'come' through for you again... heh heh.


Cool, Ang! You're the bestest!


Interesting concept. And I love the idea of a pregnant devil-girl.

Rosemary's Baby was one of the all-out scariest movies of all time, right?

You'll have to keep us up to date on the entire process.


That's good to hear, Alwaysarousedgirl… I'd be happy to post pics of the work in progress once I get it underway. It won't be until I get home next week.

One of the things I enjoy most about this blog is the outlet it gives me for work and ideas that might be a bit too "out there" for some of my more mainstream art audience. I should really have done something about that a long time ago. It's a really nice feeling to be able to post more freely!

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