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Don't You Wish This Devil Girl Lived In Your Closet?



The last real gig I had as a graphic designer (back before the bubble burst) was working for Case-New Holland doing photo-mock-ups of their new tractor designs. We had this sweet, James Bond style lab with insane security and that groovy sort of evil villain headquarters kind of decor. This was before the demise of the original version of Napster, so we also had a dedicated machine that did nothing
but download mp3s over the corporate T1 line all day too. Man, those were the days. Actually, if you had asked me at the time, I had no idea how good I had it…

On slow days I'd work on projects like the one above. Most of what I was doing in the design lab was turning yellow tractors into red tractors, or photoshopping a pencil drawing into an image of the existing style of tractor to create next year's look. Turns out those skills were pretty handy when it came to doing pin-up art too. Heh.

If you do wish this girl lived in your closet (or bureau, or milk crate or wherever you keep your clothes) take a swing by my cafepress store and pick up a tee shirt or boxers or a thong. There's a bunch of cool designs over there that might appeal to some of you. This devil girl is on sale here.

Frankly, if a few people bought some shirts I'd feel much less as though I wasted all those years in cubicle-land. Check back tomorrow for another exciting she devil-design!


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