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What Do Spanking Paddles and Goats Have in Common?

Well, both are featured in Grist Magazine's green gift guide this month. Also, I've always liked goats, (although not in that way, you understand). Someday I'm gonna have one pet tiger and about 40, no wait, 39, well, maybe 38 goats. I'll get to keep the fast ones, I guess.

Anyway, I was pretty geeked when I got an email a couple days ago informing me that Grist had picked up the eco-BDSM meme and run with it. Grist has major cred among environmental designers, having picked up the Webby Award for Best Magazine and Best Online Political Coverage from Utne Reader. If you are into the environment at all, you should definitely check them out. Maybe now, I'll someday see my work on Treehugger (not holding my breath anymore on that, but why don't you click that link and tell them they need me, eh?).

The link was little difficult to find… it's the last word (literally, not figuratively) in the Significant Other category. The word is "yum." Unfortunately, it links to the review of the paddles on Boing Boing rather than straight to this blog. I've sent an email to see if I can get it linked more directly, but hey, whatever, it doesn't totally hurt to have people read Xeni's kind words on their way here.

It's nice when your work catches the eye of people whose work you respect. Feels good.


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