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Photo A Go Go!

The photo shoot yesterday was like a dream come true… I could get really used to working on the set with models. I know the guy I work with is a genius, but damn! I'll be uploading a new pic from the shoot every day for the next few weeks. Here's a shot of the paddles and floggers that really lets you see how deadly beautiful they are. If the picture of Elena below gets you feeling inspired, you can buy your own paddle or flogger here.


burning rubber badass spanking paddles


And here's a good look at what they do: that's the 22 inch Master Mechanic Flogger in action there.


spanked ass with tire tread welts

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Oh man. These look awesome!

Burning Rubber

Thanks, DM! The shoot was a blast... I have about 300 insanely hot pictures that I'll be uploading more or less daily to the blog. So, if you like this pic, you might want to subscribe via RSS or email and make sure not to miss the rest.


Good to know that I'll have more yumminess in my RSS feed in the coming weeks.


Thanks for the nice comments DM. I had a fabulous time on this shoot. Fun and sexy with two great creative guys. Glad to be "yummy" for you.

Mim RedBeard

OHMYGODDESS!!!!! I do so want one of these paddles!!!!!
Heavy heavy paddle envy going on here !!
Lovely picture as well...

Burning Rubber

Thanks for the comment, Mim!

For someone serious about damage like yourself, I would recommend the Monster Mechanic Flogger.

It's not yet officially part of the BadAss line, but If I get enough interest I'll order a full roll of the rubber and get busy making them!

Mim RedBeard

hmmmm yes that will be going on My christmas list for the toy bag!!!!



Oh yes... one WILL be mine.

Burning Rubber


Order soon if you need it by Xmas! I just sold the last Monster Mechanic I had in stock. There's about a 10 day lead time right now because I need to order more of the rubber. They were out of it when I stopped by the supplier's place last week.

I guess I should get my butt in gear and officially add it to the catalog. This is the baby that *everybody* wants!


Well the marks are rather impressive and delicious looking.

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