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Immortalize Your Sexy Body Without Getting Dipped In A Cryogenic Bath

Besides making paddles, I pay the bills by creating one-of-a-kind art.  I like to focus on mosaic during the winter, because the metal shop doesn't have heat yet (yeah, just try handling cold steel all day in 20 below weather. Yikes!)

The image below is a detail from one of my all time favorite pieces, an altar for Anima Sola/Marinette. Aside from the fact that it uses almost every material I know how to work with, I think the coolest thing about it is the way that it straddles religious and kinky subject matter. If you're into paddles, how can you not like an altar of a saint standing chained in flames? There are more photos of this piece on my portfolio website here. It's worth checking out.

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I'm always on the lookout for people who might be interested in commissioning high quality erotic mosaics. I enjoy doing portraits and nudes, but the market for erotic work is, well, let's say very specialized.

What interests me most is creating work that celebrates the beauty and emotion of sexuality in an explicit context without going for the all-too-easy "shock-value" approach. I like to incorporate a twist that makes people think. The best example of that might be a homoerotic mosaic I did last year, based on a classical Greek vase painting from 500 BC. I've watched people who are deeply uncomfortable with homosexuality look at the piece and accept it based on the classical reference and the craftsmanship. Every time something like that happens, I think the world gets just that much more tolerant.

I'd love to do a series of life-size portraits of adult film stars, for example. I like the idea of making  a very permanent artwork from an image that is often thought of as disposable. There's also something interesting about the interplay between the idea of classical art nudes and pornography.

I've just started working with a new line of glass that allows me to do intricate, almost photographic color and shading. My mosaic work is not cheap, but then, you're getting world-class work that will last hundreds or thousands of years. There are mosaics still intact which significantly predate the Bible, for example, and most of the materials I use are equal to or better than the quality used then. If you think you or someone you know might be interested in talking about a project, drop me a line.

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