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Design A Contest, Win A Paddle or Flogger

When I started this blog, one of the first things I wanted to do was have a contest and give away a paddle or two. I couldn't come up with a great idea off the top of my head so I decided to let the readers come up with a contest idea (yeah, outsourcing, the wave of the future). Whoever has the best idea for a contest gets one free Original BadAss or Master Mechanic, their choice.

You could win
Original Bad Ass rubber spanking paddle   Original Bad Ass rubber spanking paddle

So far, there's only been four suggestions (counting mine, which, of course, doesn't count). DM suggested a contest to "design a carrying case or holster that only uses recycled materials" and a contest to identify the brands of treads. I like the first idea and scrapped the second because I think it would upset the manufacturers if they heard about it. Eleanna suggested "a contest for the best real street names with spanking connotations." That one's pretty good too. My idea was a tee-shirt design contest, which will be fun, but we'll do that later. In the mean time, I'd like to choose a winner for this first contest so no one thinks I've forgotten about it. But I want more suggestions before I pick one.

So what's your idea? I'd like to have at least a half dozen suggestions before I pick a winner… otherwise I'm just pitting two readers against each other and that hardly seems fair. You can make your suggestion in the comments for this post or email me. If we get enough ideas by the end of this week I'll announce the winner and send off their choice of paddle or flogger. If you'd like to vote in support of someone else's idea, that's cool, too.

If you want to make sure you hear about it when the contest is chosen, I suggest subscribing to the Burning Rubber feed by dragging that little image below into your RSS subscription manager. Even if you don't have an idea for a contest that you'd like to suggest, you can still enter the next contest and maybe win yourself a free paddle!


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Looking at the pix of the 2 paddles I was reminded of Jimi's lyrics about 'tire tracks all up and down her back'.
I also thought about how much fun it would be to see how creative folks could get by using your paddles like stamps to make imprints. Of course that would mean the entrants would already have a paddle, or they could create a stencil based on any tread design they choose.
Oh well, I'll leave the details up to you if you choose my idea. Good Luck.
poker-pauly (but not too hard)

Burning Rubber

Hey poker-pauly,

Thanks for adding your suggestion! You're right, entrants trying to make marks before winning would kind of be upriver without...(I can't bring myself to pun that badly). Maybe your suggestion could be ammended to suggest a tire tread style finger-painting/body painting contest? Entrants could paint each other with the tread design of their choice...

Burning Rubber

Ang from Sweltering Celt dropped me an email with a contest suggestion:

Why not have a contest to design a new logo for the tire paddles? Or a subslogan?


BadAss Paddles Giving New Meaning to Too Tired

Thanks, Ang!

Burning Rubber

A new contest idea came in via email:

Best actual spanking--competitors must give you a spanking & you determine who is the best. Obviously, this is not much of an INTERNET competition per se.

Real contest idea:
Best non-spanking use for one of your spanking paddles. Winner is obligated to send in a photo of he/she using said paddle for this.

Burning Rubber

Another new contest idea via email:

"and how about a design your own sextoy contest?"

Burning Rubber

another via email:

Users submit their favorite/best shot of the paddle in use.

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