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Customer & Reader Feedback

Update 2.19.06: Most of the feedback I've received has been via email rather than comments. I'd be happier if people used the comments, even for complaints or suggestions, because it gives me an opportunity to address things where everyone can see it. Almost all the feedback I've had has been positive so far, but there have been suggestions that led me to alter the design for the better (like adding rings to the handle so paddles can be hung on the wall, or one person who suggested that the handle would work better for him if it were longer). Basically, I really do want to know what everyone thinks about their paddles and floggers so that I can create the best damn product possible. And the more people chime in with their opinion, the more comfortable everyone else will feel. Note: you really don't need to use your own name if that's holding anyone back.

When I get a moment to go through all the emails, I'm going to post quotes from some of it below. I won't identify the sender unless I have permission, but I'd like to be able to share some of the nice things people have said and respond to suggestions. End update.

The first batch of paddles went out yesterday. I think I've got all the kinks worked out of the production process now, and can finally focus on just being kinky. Yay!

I would really love to hear from you about your experience using BadAss Paddles. Please use the comments field below to leave me some feedback. If you don't have a TypeKey account, an email address is required to confirm your comments. Email addresses will not be published.

This page is the best place to leave questions, comments, or suggestions that you want everyone to be able to see. I want to make the best damn paddles in the world, and your ideas and experience can help me do that. I'd like to hear your suggestions for other products you'd like to see here as well.


Stiletto Girl

I just wanted to say that your paddles look awesome! I don't own one (yet) but it's on my list of toys to buy (stupid budgeting, why can't I just win the lottery, LOL).

Anyway, I added a link to your site from my blog (I don't expect a link-back, I just like to endorse good products when I see them).


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