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Welcome Boing Boing Readers! Suggest A Contest.

Wow, look at them stats spin! Just a quick post to say thanks to Xeni Jardin for posting about the paddles on Boing Boing. And thanks to everyone else out there who's been picking up the link. I'll be adding everyone who links to the sidebar as soon as I get a chance.

On a side note, it was actually thanks to Xeni that I came up with the name "BadAss Paddles." I spent days and days trying to come up with just the right name… Asked friends, strangers, strange friends.

I finally decided the best way to name them was to have a contest and let readers vote on the name they liked best, with a free paddle to the winner. THEN, in a sudden flash, I caught the Great Bowl O Fire in the corner of my eye and remember when Xeni posted it on Boing Boing and called them "highly badass." BadAss Paddles it was, and the names for the different models came quickly. The only downside was that I no longer had an idea for a contest.

So here's another flash: If I can't think of a contest I like, maybe you readers can.

Make your suggestions in the comments section of this post and I'll give a free paddle to whoever comes up with the best idea for a contest.

Open source is my next favorite thing after recycling! So get those suggestions in stat.

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How about a contest to design a carrying case or holster that only uses recycled materials? Preferably something innovative or something that someone could do themselves from a posted pdf.


John T. Unger

Wow, DM, that's a freakin' fabulous suggestion! You're on the short list already. I especially like the idea of posting the carry case plans online so people can make the holster themselves since I'm not much for sewing...

As for the rest of Y'all, let's give DM some competition. Somebody's gonna get a free paddle, and be able to give away all the spankings they can spank.


Alternatively, if you can get a variety of different treads, post pictures of just the treads (or tread prints on people's asses) and give a prize to the person who can identify the most of them. Sort of a CSI:BadAss Paddles.

John T. Unger

There are a variety of treads because I buy them from the factory as job lots. I think having an identi-tread contest might get me in a bit of copyright trouble with the manufacturer, though.

Maybe a better variation on that would be to have a tee-shirt design contest? I've been looking forward to doing a few tee designs myself, but reader submissions of tee shirt designs could be a blast.


A t-shirt contest would be cool. I can see it now. A variation on the Gadsen flag, but says "Tread on Me" and with a tire pattern instead of the snake.


How about matching tire-tread cuffs, with clasps made from recycled tire chain?

Tire-tread rubber bustiers and corsets? That steel-belting ought to add some pep to the corset boning...

This is just so darn butch.... and yet, so rubba-perv friendly!


What about a contest for the best real street names with spanking connotations?

Burning Rubber


That's a pretty good idea... could be fun, especially if we require phots of the actual street signs.

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