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Shipping Out the Last Paddle…

I removed the PayPal buttons from the catalog a while back, as I've been focused on other ventures and haven't been able to give the paddles their full due. Naturally, the minute I took them down, the inquiries started pouring in. Wholesale, retail, people want paddles and floggers. I guess I should have gone with more of a mystique thing from the beginning?

I was planning to keep at least one paddle for a souvenir, but I just sold the last one for $100 to a collector. Sigh. I've still got the prototype, but it isn't nearly as pretty as the final models were. There may be a couple left in stock at JT's Stockroom (or not). If you were wavering about whether to get one, I'd head there stat!

I'm hoping to sell the biz to someone who can give it their full attention and devotion. Details to come in the next post. The ideal candidate would be someone in the scene, who wants to make cash at home and can continue the customer service and personality of the brand. I'd like to see the company continue… A lot of people were very happy with the product and made no bones about sharing how they felt. That made me happy too!

I had a lot of fun getting the ball rolling and met a lot of cool folks in the process… It was a nice ride. If you think you or someone you know would be interested in taking over, drop me a line from the contact page.

BadAss Birthday Spanking

BadAss Paddles played a role in a very public (and very painfull) birthday spanking on The Twilight and Thebes Show No. 019.

With guest Dominatrixes Sera and Carrie vying for who gets to lay more rubber on Thebes' butt, I found the show to be simultaneously funny and extremely hot.

Usually, I just clip the relevant portion of a podcast and post it here with a link, but you should really go listen to the whole show this time. I think it was one of the best sex podcasts I've heard yet! Besides, if you don't give it a listen, you'll probably never know what "Sweater Kittens" means.

Check it out here.

Art I couldn't Say No To

I just bought some art online because, well, I had to. Looky what I got!

the drugs do work

How could I refuse a painting done on an old vinyl record that has a naked, weeping bull demon thing, a drug reference and a tire track? Hell, I had to get it. It's perfect for the BadAss Paddle office. In fact, it's way cooler than hanging some gold or platinum record would be if I'd gotten into the music biz instead of the paddle biz. And besides, I just sold a whole bunch of paddles this week, so I guess this is my reward.

David Irvine has plenty more where this came from for sale at his website, Gnarled Branch. You should go get one while they last… most of the others I wanted were already sold but there's still some good ones to be had. There's even at least one or two left that have tread marks!

A Hot Review

There's a very nice review of the Monster Mechanic flogger over at the Spanking Writers Blog. It starts out quiet and then gets pretty hot and heavy towards the end:

I got paddled last night for no other reason than to try out a new implement Abel bought for us a few weeks ago.

It’s an enormous tyre paddle.

More specifically, it’s a large piece of tyre rubber (complete with tracks) on a pretty metal handle. It looks very industrial, something out of a steampunk novel, or perhaps a post-apocalyptic movie. In fact, if Judge Dredd dispatched judicial paddlings, this would be exactly the sort of implement that would be used to deliver them.

A guy who makes these things blogs over on Burning Rubber.

Anyway, we felt like playing last night, but I was too tired to come up with a role-play, so it was going to be a good old just-because paddling with a gigantic chunk of rubber.

My impressions of this beautiful implement? It hurts like nobody’s business. With the first stroke Abel must have intended to imprint tyre tracks on my butt, because he whacked so hard I couldn’t even scream for about three seconds.

Read the rest here.

I'm told they'll be posting "in the next few weeks about various implements in our collection, with photos," and will have more to say about the Monster Mechanic then.

Interview with Shauna By Night


I did an email interview with Shauna recently and she's posted the Q & A to her excellent blog. She'll be featuring some photos of the paddle in action in the near future. Can't wait to see what she thinks (not to mention the tracks she'll make!)

Shauna asked some great questions:

Those are some really wicked looking paddles. I have to admit that I find them intimidating. What made you decide to create nasty little toys like these?

On your web site you mention that you use recycled industrial materials. Bravo! Environmental responsibility and kink should walk hand in hand more often. Was it hard to find the sources you needed to provide you with right combination of materials you needed for your paddles?

Do you have any plans to expand your product line? If so, can you tell us anything about what you are working on? May I suggest recycled rubber restraints?

You talk about your paddles as products. Is this kind of play something you are into personally? Do you play with your own toys?

When developing the paddles did you test them or have them tested in some way?

Good design can be hard to come by in the wild world of adult toys. Are there any toys out there that you are impressed with?

To read my replies, go visit her site. The entire interview is Here.

Summertime, and the Living is Busy…

I've been pretty silent lately on this blog.

That's because with spring here, I've suddenly been swamped with orders for art… I've built nine Great Bowls O Fire in the last couple weeks, made five dancer sculptures, designed two new styles of fire bowls and built five of them, and made four of the Grande Flambeau torches.

And then there's all the cleaning and organizing in the shop that needs to happen every spring just to get ready for the flood or work.

I will probably be posting very lightly here until fall. I feel bad about that, but believe me, when a typical day involves moving a few tons of steel around, you pretty much just fall into bed at the end of it.

I'm still here though. The paddles are still available for sale and will still ship out as quickly as possible. I'll be more available in the fall and winter when work slows down again. For now, I'm officially announcing a bit of a seasonal hiatus. If you want to make sure you don't miss it when I return, subscribe to the RSS feed and you'll be the first to know when I get my groove back on here at the blog.

Blow Bush Because Bush Blows

This cracked me up. Any volunteers?


give Bush a blowjob


Via: Eyeteeth: A Journal of Incisive Ideas

Dirty Spam, At Last!

I just got my first ever porn-related spam the other day! I'm kind of amazed that it took these fuckers so long to find me… I've been using the same email address for at least ten years now. Of course, it isn't very well targeted spam, but then, that's what makes it spam, right? (for the record, incest doesn't float my boat. Besides, even if it did, how the hell do I know the people in those pics are related? maybe I'm too literal, but if I wanted to fantasize, I figure I wouldn't need porn).

The viagra people managed to find my address a few months ago. And the stock tips, mortgage and lottery peple were way ahead of the game.

Then there's the freakin' Nigerian advance fee fraud spammers… those fuckers are absolutely the first to the trough, top of the game, hands down most amazing spam mongers. They started bombing me years ago.

Anyway, I guess the point is that of all the spam I get, almost all of it is stuff I would never want even if it were legit. Porn is the maybe the first thing I've ever been spammed about that I actually might want. I always kinda felt almost left out when friends used to complain about spam from porn outfits. But I'm sure as hell not going to click on an unsolicited email to get it. I opened just one to see if there was a sample image or not, and the whole thing was text. Screw that.

Isn't that what the Sugasm is for? Finding good erotic content from people who aren't trying to screw you?

Monica Reviews Burning Rubber

Prettyhunter_1 Just got an email to let me know that Burning Rubber has been reviewed at Monica's Porn Reviews.

Monica says:

The blog of an artist and designer who began making spanking paddles out of tires! First of all, these paddles look hardcore and I'm getting turned on just thinking about using one. Second, the blog itself is a great read! Get over there and check it out!

Cool. I like Monica's site too… The drawings are really fun, especially. Check out the gallery of sex positions, featuring classic ways to spice up your love life like Deep Sea Penetration. If you poke around a bit and explore, there's a bunch of cool cartoon sex stuff to drool over.

Thanks for the kind words, Monica!

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