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I've Got A Few Other Ideas As Well

I'm running low on pics of Elena to post until she formally gives me the thumbs up on posting pictures which show her breasts… She seems to be MIA this week, so I'm filling in with other items of graphic interest. (Hang tight DM, don't unsubscribe just yet!) If I don't get the Okay, there'll be fewer pics for a while until I can arrange another shoot. sigh.

The image below is my friend Dawn, posing with a bed of nails we made a few years ago. It was a bit of a rush-job we threw together just in time for a performance she was doing… even so, the finished product was beautiful. I wish I had a photo of the entire piece.

Ever since, I've kind of wanted to do a more finished version in solid stainless steel. Anyone interested? It would have to be a commission project since it's likely to run fairly pricey. If the idea gives you a gleam in your eye, drop me a line and let's talk design specs. I think it would look cool to personalize one by cutting it in the shape of the person who would be using it, a silhouettte. Very personal, fits the owner just right.


Dawn with Bed of Nails
Photo by Ffej


While I was working on the bed, I wrote my buddy Matt an email about the huge crush I had on Dawn that inspired me to get involved with the project (okay, yeah, making a bed of nails is cool enough as is… but a hot girl who asks you to help her make a bed of nails? Well, what would your real motivations be? Be honest.). Matt did a bit of a remix of the email and sent back the song below.

  Ballad of a Bad Coyote

It's one of my all-time favorites. You can check out more of his songs at his soundclick page. I think you might have to sign in to follow the link, but it's free, it's worth it, and all his tracks can be downloaded as Mp3s.

Here's the lyrics to the song if you don't want to download the Mp3:

Ballad Of A Bad Coyote

Lie on that steel there babe, just let me draw a line
the man who makes his bed of nails hopes to lie
lie in it, lay in it, get laid in it, whatever
I got a thing for a girl, she does this thing with fire

Well sex & death are great, but the sex comes first
y'know it's dangerous, yeah sometimes it hurts
I don't mind the cost, baby, I don't mind the pain
I just want to see your body in a haze of flame

      Go for the light - then turn right
      Everybody needs a head on a platter once in their life

      Party down, yeah, party on down
      If you can't pay the bills, get drunk with the hounds

      You get them drunk enough… they lose your trail
Old scratch says, Matt, he says, Hey I'm a bad coyot'
well scratch that, Matt, he says, I'm a great coyot'
the problem is it seems, i'm a goddamn rotten human being
I did it with a married woman but I'd do it all again

      Go for the light - then turn right
      Everybody needs a head on a platter once in their life

      Got shook down - I got kicked out

      If you can't pay the bills, get drunk with the hounds
      You get them drunk enough… they lose your trail

BTW: If anyone is looking for copyright free music for podcasts or videos, Matt says he'd be happy to talk about it with you. You can reach him through his site or email me to get in touch.

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Never fear! Beds of nails are cool too. I've actually done the old trick of breaking a cinder block held on someones chest while they layed on a bed of nails. Great stunt...

Burning Rubber

Wow! What do you use to break the cinderblock? Bare hands? Or a hammer?


Hammer, I never got far enough with any martial art to do that without a tool. It's really really easy with a nice heavy hammer. In theory it's perfectly safe to do with a sledge hammer but I was worried about missing the brick and hitting the person on the bed of nails.

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